Jewish Blessing Home -  inspired by old Spanish synagogue - Gold and Blue

Jewish Blessing Home - inspired by old Spanish synagogue - Gold and Blue

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Outstanding designer Rosi Milgrom designed Jewish blessings for the home. The concept of this print was inspiring by an ancient synagogue constructed between 1863-1893 in Prague.

The central symbol of this blessing is interpretation and inspired by the main stained glass window of the synagogue above the *Aron HaKodesh*. The background color and texture are an allegory of happiness.

This artistic blessing is a beautiful gift for the newlyweds. It is a special gift for those who inaugurate a new home and, of course, for your home. On a beautiful wall at the entrance, it would look exceptional.
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Technical description
• 1.9cm (.75 ​​") thick frame made of semi-hard alder wood sourced from renewable forests
• Paper thickness: 0.26 mm (10.3 mils)
• Paper weight: 189 g / m² (5.57 oz / y²)
• Light
• Acrylic front protection
• Fixings included
• Components of the base product in the US from Japan and the US
• Components of the base product in Europe from Japan and Latvia

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Frequent questions:
Can I ask for a variation color?
Yes, pls contact us to attend to your requirements.
Can I ask only for the print?
Yes, pls let us know in which size you need to make the link available.

Copyright of the image of The Spanish Synagogue placed in the Josefov neighborhood of Prague
Author of the image: Txllxt TxllxT, CC BY-SA 4.0
via Wikimedia Commons